Hanamidori’s Commitment

Hanamidori is the brand name of the poultry raised by our company. There are many different brands of poultry, just as there are many different brands of wagyu, such as Kobe beef and Ohmi Beef. The quality of the taste of the chicken is fundamentally important in Mizutaki in which both the meat and soup stock is meant to be enjoyed, which is why we have bred our own brand of poultry in “Hanamidori” in order to provide the best Mizutaki experience possible. The soup stock and collagen from the chicken also has many health, and beauty benefits with Mizutaki experiencing a rapid growth in popularity all over Japan. Japanese Mizutaki is a cuisine that is relatively unknown outside of Japan, however, we are proud to present the sweet-tasting and perfectly textured meat along with its rich soup; both dishes we are confident our guests will enjoy. We look forward to your visit at Hanamidori Osaka.

About our Location in Kyoto

The Kyoto restaurant of Mizutaki Hanamidori is located in the center of Kyoto’s tourist destination “Kyoto Shijo-dori”. The fresh vegetables harvested from Kyoto’s locale and the Hanamidori chicken go together perfectly and this allows us to present Mizutaki courses which take full advantage of seasonal vegetables. Flavors other than Mizutaki hot pot can also be enjoyed as our a la carte menu offers a wide variety of dishes. Guests have the option to choose between table and private room seating when requesting a reservation, with rooms with Kyoto's distinctive tatami mats also available. We are able to accommodate large groups and guests with children due to being equipped with many seats. We ask that our guests make reservations in advance as there are many days we are fully booked depending on the season.

Enjoying Mizutaki

Start with a taste of Hanamidori’s rich chicken stock broth. After that, move on to a taste of rich taste of the chicken, and vegetables which blend to form a very delicious umami. Last but not least, finish off the ingredients by adding some rice or noodles into the pot. If adding noodles to the pot, the original taste is like having delicious ramen unlike anything you would find elsewhere. If adding rice to the pot, you get a very rich and savory porridge. Not only delicious, Hanamidori’s rich Mizutaki soup is filled with healthy ingredients and vitamins perfect for beautiful skin and for your health. Packed with vitamin B, it is the perfect way to recover from a exhaustion. It is Japanese culture to eat with everyone sharing a single pot, however you can be rest assured knowing that the staff wearing kimono can carefully assist in helping you cook the dishes.